Thursday, 29 May 2014

Meditation: Everything Already Is Okay.

I've simply got to share this with you. It's beautiful. It's out of this world. It'll keep you together, when life feels like it's getting in the way of everything.

Sit comfortably, take a deep breath, and delve into another world:

Thank you, Positive Magazine! Also check out their whole range of unbelievably good meditation videos -  they're all just ten minutes long! (C'mon, you have time for one). I've gotten into the habit of playing one or two every evening; a practice that is wholly centring and cleansing.

I've written about diet. I've written about exercise and body image. I've written about beauty. But wellness does not, by a very, very long shot, stop at the physical.

If there's one practice that the whole world can benefit from, it's meditation. And I get it - it's not easy to simply make yourself meditate; to decide to just sit there and clear your mind (or whatever your version of meditation is). A guided meditation, however, is pure bliss. Someone is taking care of your wayward thoughts for you, guiding you to pure peace. 

Everything already is okay. Practice as you will. Transform your being.


  1. I've been wanting to try out yoga but it looks so... overwhelming! :/

    1. It's definitely worth trying! Fantastic for your body and calming for your mind, and entire being (I'm a much nicer and happier person when I practice!) If you can't find a class/ don't have time and ever want to try, there are loads of online resources (& I'm more than happy to recommend you some if unsure!)

      Thanks for your comment, I love your blog!