Friday, 24 January 2014

Mocktails Monday

So, I've been trying out juice recipes for a trendy London based magazine (read, not green juice, but green mocktail, of course). And so I think I've come up with a pretty delicious and fiery drink to give you a healthy glow - not an alcoholic flush. This drink tastes fabulous and will detox you on a cellular level, fighting inflammation from indulgence and unhealthy habits over the holiday season and keep colds at bay.

The idea was to create something exotic, colorful and perfect for a winter detox. So, post-festivities, I present to you my Detox Pineapple Sour:

You'll need:

1 sweet golden Pineapple
1 succulent, zingy lime
1 good chunk of fiery ginger
1/2 bag of luscious green spinach

Rim one beautiful glass with powdered ginger by rubbing fresh lime around the edge, and dipping the glass in the spice. Juice the raw, fresh ingredient, serve, share and enjoy!

If this is too intense, sweet, or fiery, feel free to top with naturally sparkling water, coconut water or cucumber juice to cool, hydrate and refresh.

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